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  • Anti-Yellow Shampoo

    Price: $17.85

    Is a specific treatment that tones down the yellow hues in hair that has a grey coverage of over 50%. Thanks to its active ingredients it washes and softens with an antistatic action. It eliminates yellow blemishes thanks to the effect of a particular macromolecule that makes the hair surface homogeneous and eliminates false reflections. INSTRUCTIO...

  • Mineral Oil Shampoo

    Price: $18.75

    Created to nourish dry and brittle hair, thanks to natural active ingredients used in the preparation of this products it will leave your hair looking smooth and silky and full of body....

  • Vitadexil Shampoo-anti hair loss

    Price: $18.75

    Has been specifically developed to maintain or restore healthy and hygienic hair conditions, that may be lost, and result in hair thinning, or fragility....