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  • Kit Keratin Biotissulare

    Price: $117.50

    THERAPY COMPLETE POLYMER RECONSTRUCTION FORMULA. It is unsurpassed in repairing and strengthening hopelessly damaged hair. L'OVIEN THERAPY is unmatched to stop hair breakage....

  • Sculpting Foam

    Price: $17.50

    This sculpting mousse will ensure a natural and invisible support that gives new softness to the hair and allows soft and voluminous styling. This product contains soybean hydrolyzed, an effective conditioner that enhances hair hair brightness and softness. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: shake carefully the spray before use and apply uniformly the desired d...

  • Sculpting Hair Spray

    Price: $16.25

    Hair spray forms a shiny, transparent film over the hair that guaranties instant results without gummy residues. HOW TO USE: apply to slightly damp or dry hair. To achieve fuller body, spray at the roots....

  • Serum Therapy

    Price: $30.00

    Prevents and reduces the risk of split ends and gives extra shine and condition caused by the excessive use of heated appliances and hair colouring. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: apply a few drops after shampooing or apply to dry hair each day, particularly the ends, without rinsing...

  • Vitadexil Anticaduta

    Price: $31.25

    Helps prevent hair thinning and loss, and promotes a healthy re-growth, it also treats greasy hair, as it regulates the functioning of the sebaceous glands, stimulating hair root activity. Formulated with nourishing substances that are essential in ensuring healthy hair growth. AVAILABLE ONLY FROM SPECIALIZED HAIRDRESSERS....

  • Volumizing Foam

    Price: $17.50

    It rich in polymineralized resins and silicons. It gives volume and brightness to the hair. It is suitable for any dressing procedure: hair-drier and brush, hair-drier and fingers, hair-curlers, and ensures support and ease to hand to any kind of hair. This product contains soybean hydrolized, an effective conditioner that enhances hair brightness,...