Gelish Nails

Techniques used by Transformbody technicians

To get great results the Transformbody nail team follows these simple rules for ensuring that our customers have great nails. Firstly our technician will completely sanitize her own hands once done we then ensure that the customers fingers and nails are completely sanitized.
We then gently push back the cuticle.

Taking great care we then clean up the nail plate

We then prepare and shape the natural nail using our pre santized Hand & Nail files

Its important to gently remove the shine on your natural nail using a fine nail buffer, this is done to ensure that the Gellish adhere to the nail and does not drop off after a few days.

Cleanliness is very important in the preparation so at this stage so we remove the dust and wipe the nail with Cleanser using a lint free wipe.

The Gelish® pH Bond is then applied to the nail plate.

The next step is for our technicians to Apply Gelish® Foundation Gel – this is a thin application that is used to seal the edges of the nail.

We now have to cure the foundation coat, this is done by placing the hand in one of our Gelish® LED curing Light for 5 seconds.
The new technology LED systems are safe and do not give of any heat.

Ok, now it’s time to apply the Gelish® Soak Off Gel Polish colour of Choice – we apply in thin coats from the cuticle to free edge. We are especially careful to seal the edges of the nail.
Once the coats are applied we place your hand in the Gelish® LED Light again for a further 30 seconds (20 seconds for light colors). For darker coverage, we might have to repeat this step again.

Almost there now, we now apply Gelish® Top It Off Gel Sealer. Again we apply it from the cuticle to the free edge using a thin light application. Finally we place your hand Place hand in the Gelish® LED Light for 20 seconds for the final cure.

Almost finished, we wipe off the tacky surface with a

Gelish® Cleanser.

The final stage is to apply Gelish® Cuticle Oil this is to nourish the skin surrounding the nail.
The end result is beautiful nails that are elegant and long lasting.